Thorough Dog & Cat Grooming

For skilled and compassionate groomers who take phenomenal care of your precious pet, choose Severn Grooming & Boarding in Severn, Maryland. We offer full-service cat and dog grooming that leaves your four-legged friend looking better than ever.

Cat Being Groomed - Cat Grooming

Comprehensive Grooming Services

At Severn Grooming & Boarding, we offer a variety of packages and prices for our clients to choose from. We provide a wide range of cat and dog grooming services, including:

• Ear Care
• Nail Trimming
• Show Trims
• Bathing & Drying
• Hand Scissoring
• Anal Gland Expression

Grooming Benefits

Fit grooming and boarding in your dog’s schedule, and the two of you are sure to find your time together more enjoyable. If you have any specific breed cuts or special requests, we are more than happy to accommodate your needs. For example, whether you prefer to keep your bichon-frise looking like his ancestors at the dog show or in a puppy cut for easier home maintenance, you can rest assured he is fresh and clean when you pick him up on your way home from work.

Nail Trimming

Unless you start early and work regularly with your dog, nail trimming often becomes a dog’s worst nightmare—not to mention the stress it puts on you. Never again worry about cutting too much as your pup wiggles when you delegate this task to the experienced groomers at Severn Grooming & Boarding.

Compassionate Care

The bottom line is that we love animals and have made it our life mission to care for and tend to your pets. When you drop your precious pet off at our facility, you can trust that your furry friend is cared for as well—if not better—than at home.

Contact us for the dedicated dog and cat grooming services that your companion deserves.